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Saleem Ammar

Not Guilty! Muslim Faced Life Imprisonment Afte...

Yousef Mohammad Muslet was accused of burglary & battery after a conversation with a man about Allah and a handshake

Muslim Woman Tourist Set Alight In New York

A Muslim woman wearing an Islamic dress is set alight whilst walking past a upmarket boutique

Attempted Arson At Edinburgh Mosque

Edinburgh Mosque has been subjected to an attempted arson attack, the arsonist has not been found

70-year-old Man Attacked Outside North London M...

An elderly man suffered head injuries after he was attacked outside a north London mosque

Louis Smith Apologizes For Mocking Islam

Louis Smith the former Olympic athlete apologizes after a video of him mocking Islam struck social media

Cowboy Holds Sign Outside Mosque

A man holds a sign reading 'you belong' outside of a mosque in Texas

Casual Man Calls Group Of Muslims Bunch Of Terr...

A man allegedly calls a group of Muslims a bunch of Muslims and casually denies it when he is recorded on cam

Intruder Tears Several Copies Of The Quran At M...

A man breaks into Tucson mosque and destroys numerous copies of the Quran and scattered pieces around the mosque

Serial Mosque Thief On The Loose

Police are suspecting a string of mosque robberies to be related

Image Of Jesus Left Outside Mosque In An Attemp...

The incident of an image of Jesus outside of a mosque is being looked into as a hate crime by the New York Police Depart...