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Muslim Man Attacked Outside Of New York Mosque

A Muslim man has been thought to be the subject of an Islamophobic attack outside of a mosque in New York.

On Wednesday the 1st of June, Mohamed Rasheed Khan, 59-years-old was standing outside of a mosque in Jamaica Queens, New York, when he was brutally attacked by three assailants before they fled the scene.

Center of Islamic Studies
Center of Islamic Studies, Google Street View

Mr. Khan who is an American citizen, originally from Guyana, was leaving the Center for Islamic Studies wearing traditional attire whilst on a bicycle. A group of three men approached the 59-year-old and pushed him off his bike before pummelling him leaving him concussed with broken and fractured bones in his face and chest.

Reportedly when the attackers left the scene they could be heard laughing loudly.

Mohamed Rasheed Khan, CAIR-NY/Facebook
Mohamed Rasheed Khan, CAIR-NY/Facebook

A witness, named Ramazan Alli, came to the aid of Mr. Khan and stated that he was shaking Mr. Khan to keep him concious, Mr. Khan was unable to speak due to his internal bleeding, reported by CBS2.

None of Khan's belongings such as his wallet, watch or his bicycle were taken leading the attack to be suspected to be a hate crime. The police are still looking for the attackers

Mr. Khan is currently in hospital recovering from his attack