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Bosses Could Be Allowed To Ban Hijabs At Work

Hijabs should be banned from the workplace if other religious items are and EU Advisor states

hijab, Daniele Febei/CCBY
Hijab, Daniele Febei/CCBY

An adviser to the European Court of Justice has stated on the May 31st, that the bosses of the workplace should have the ability to ban the hijab from the workplace if they're able to ban other religious or political items/symbols.

The head scarf is being brought up into the discussion after the European court of justice began handling a case from a Belgian court of a trial where a Muslim woman was dismissed for wearing a headscarf whilst working for G4S. G4S has a policy of banning any religious or religious garments and chose to let go of their worker who was wearing a hijab. The hijabi later took her employers to court because of the ordeal. The European court is due to set a ruling on the matter at a late date.

The court queried whether the banning of the headscarf infringed on the previous law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of religion. Advocate general Juliane Kokott spoke out on the issue stating that the employee "may be expected to moderate the exercise of his religion in the workplace'.

This is the first instance a ban on the headscarf has been discussed in the European court of justice.