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Muslim Women Confront Abusive Man

Muslim women were racially abused whilst walking down a street they post their confrontation to Facebook

On Saturday, May 28th, two Muslim women were walking down Sidwell street, Exeter, England when they were verbally abused by an Islamophobic middle-aged man. The middle-aged man was wearing a grey shirt whilst standing with a friend who was wearing a black jacket, who is seen walking away at the start of the video. He said to the women as they walked past "I hear a trigger going off... Kaboom!" her followed up the offensive phrase by telling the women to  "Go back home" and "This is not your country".

Sidwell Street, Google Street View
Sidwell Street, Google Street View

Kalsoom Naqvi and  Tayiba Hussainn were the two brave women who were verbally abused and instead of walking away and ignoring the man they fearlessly walked back up to him and confronted him as to why he decided to say what he did.

The two women in retaliation began to film the two men as they walk away in cowardice, Tayiba says to the man , "you're not man enough to say it again, are you?". The man's friend who was standing beside him when he began to hurl abuse had quickly escaped the confrontation and left the man to fend for himself.

Islamophobic man, Kalsoom Naqvi/Facebook
Islamophobic man, Kalsoom Naqvi/Facebook

The middle-aged man stopped and the women began to question him. After being asked why he isn't saying anything when he's being recorded, he has another outburst and says “Where are you from, because you’re not from England”, the overly patriotic is followed by the statement "I'm from F***ing England!"

The man carries on to explain his point as he states that "Muslims in this country are absolutely raiding this country like cockroaches", he then makes an ignorant comment saying that he will have to wear a hijab if he lived in a Muslim country.

A passerby calls the man "A racist Prat", he shoots down the comment by denying his racism.

The man eventually walks away from the confrontation after a group gathers beside the women.

Kalsoom Naqvi uploaded the video on Facebook and it currently has over 150,000 views.