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Islamaphobes Armed With Bullets Dipped In Pig Blood

Texas men dip bullets in pig blood to send Muslims straight to hell

An armed group of vigilantes in the anti-Islam group Bureau of American-Islamic Relation(BAIR) appeared on an AJ+ mini Documentary stating they dip their bullets in bacon grease or pigs blood so when they shoot at Muslims they go straight to hell.

This group claim they're training for the forthcoming invasion of jihadis that want to destroy western civilisation, burn churches, steal farm animals etc. I'm sorry but I don't see any of these armed anti-Islam groups being any different to a group of people preparing for a zombie apocalypse. From my perspective, I see only a group of middle-aged men playing action man with their guns and friends so they can spend a couple more hours outside of their homes from their nagging wives, what happened to just attending a barbeque or watching sport?

BAIR member training, AJ+/Youtube
BAIR member training, AJ+/Youtube

This armed vigilante movement has been stimulated and seen as more justified by the people participating with the popularisation of Donald Trump and his anti-Islamic rhetoric. Donald Trump has single-handedly helped Anti-Islamic movements feel more legitimate in their endeavours as they have found a candidate that symphonies with the dark thoughts embedded in these individuals minds.

BAIR have begun conducting Armed protest outside of Mosques in an attempt to intimidate Muslims under the duress that they are defending their country of any Radical Muslims if they were to make themselves known.

Muslim living in the area state that the people who are being lead by Donald Trump are the ones who are most likely to cause harm. As Donald Trumps soon to come election further divides communities to points where resolution seems doubtful.

The biggest problem Islam faces in the near future is the selling of "fear" by people who have to gain from those who are afraid.