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The Salaam Browser: Halal Web Browser

Browse online with safety, security and now piety

The Salaam Browser

Introducing the Salaam Browser, the internet's first Halal web browser. What does it do? It keeps your internet browsing halal,which sounds just as hilarious as it is useful.

The Salaam Browser was created by SBRO Online Security Solutions, a Malaysia-based company who focus on users online safety

The Salaam Browser has been unveiled as the haram free option for the devout Muslim it is able to keep users away from the sinful avenues of the internet and helps the Muslim to stay on a righteous path of piety. Well, there's no guarantee as it's still currently in its BETA but early users can help develop the Salam browser to make the internet as clean as you are on an Eid morning.

The new halal browser claims to aid their users to browse with Adab(Islamic Etiquette), the website states that the browser "Enables web browsing that helps maintain purity of your heart and benefits your values."

The Salaam Browser
The Salaam Browser

They have a feature which blocks pornographic sites which are labelled under the adultery flag. They have in total blocked 1.4million pornographic, gambling, religiously offensive and other harmful sites which arent complaint with Islamic etiquette of the practicing Muslim. 

Another component of the browser is its ability to find newer offensive sites with its reporting feature. Users can send a report on sites which can bee deemed offensive and it can eventually be blacklisted form the browser. The browser also comes ready installed with a popup/spam ad blocker.

The Salaam Browser
Reporting harmful content, The Salaam Browser

The Salaam Browser is a great option for Muslims and especially recommended for not just Muslim children but all children as it sounds like a great tool to help protect children from things which they should not see on the internet.