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Two Muslim Students Refuse Teachers Handshake

Two Swiss Muslim students are being forced to shake the hands of their teacher or their parent face a fine

Two students who previously refused to shake a female teacher's hands are now being forced to do so or their parents will face a fine of CHF5,000($5050, £3400), reported by the BBC

The two students, originally from Syria, are brothers, aged 16 and 14, respectively, go to a school in Therwil, Switzerland. In Switzerland, it is a custom to shake a teacher's hand when entering a classroom as a sign of respect. The students refused to shake the female teacher's hand, stating it is against their religion to shake the hands of a female outside of their family. This incident occurred around the 5th of April and stirred controversy in Switzerland as it was seen to be partly sexist and also against Swiss cultural values.

The school decided to temporarily stop the students from shaking any of the teacher's hands before they thought of a final decision. The school has made a decision in the form of a report, which stated that the parents of the two brothers, or any other parent, will receive a CHF5000 fine if their child refuses to shake the hands of any of the teachers at the school. 

The report also declared the difference between making a student shake a teacher's hand and the wearing of a headscarf  as both are seen as signs of 'Religious Freedom'. The reported stated on the matter, "This differs from the wearing of the headscarf or the absence of swimming lessons for which there is already federal court rulings: The social gesture of handshake is important for the employability of the students later in their professional lives."

My opinion on is subject is simple, just shake the teachers hand! Some people may disagree but being in school, a student has to be obedient to the teacher and if their request doesn't completely go against your beliefs you should oblige. I'm usually with you guys when it comes to defending our faith and someone else objecting to it but if the refusal of shaking the teachers hand is going to be the reason why you received a lackluster education I wouldn't recommend it.