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Halal Ice Cream Made With Zam Zam Water

A Malaysian man has come up with the strange idea of making Ice cream using Zam Zam water

Aiskrim Kifayah, Twitter

A Malaysian entrepreneur by the name of Mohd Hisham Zamri has come up with a way to make Ice cream even more halal, by making it from the water of the Zam-zam well in the holy city of Mecca.

He will be selling the halal ice cream named "Aiskrim Minda Genius30+" under his brand Aiskrim Kifayah. Fortunately, his plans don't involve him mixing any strange flavours in with his Zam-zam water based concoction but he has stated to a local newspaper Sinar Harian, that he intends to only use ingredients that are based on the Sunnah. So that includes the most obvious flavour of dates and honey but also ranges to flavours such as almonds, raisins and saffron.

He stated he got the idea to start producing ice cream made from Zam-zam water because he noticed that a lot of ice cream vendors weren't making ice cream that was labelled halal so he decided to make the ice cream with Zam-zam water because you know Zam-zam water makes food halal, plus 1.

Ice cream catering at parties is currently very popular in Malaysia so Mohd is hoping his new halal ice cream will continue to be a success.

Aiskrim Kifayah catering at a wedding

A photo posted by Aiskrim Kifayah RY Melaka (@aiskrimkifayahrymelaka) on

A photo posted by Aiskrim Kifayah RY Melaka (@aiskrimkifayahrymelaka) on

A photo posted by Aiskrim Kifayah RY Melaka (@aiskrimkifayahrymelaka) on