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Uk's First Women-led Mosque Confirmed Being Built

Muslim Women’s Council official announced the development of the first Women-led Mosque in the UK

Bana Gora, chief executive officer of the Muslim Women’s Council announced at the Daughters of Eve conference held in  Mercure Bradford Hotel in Bingley, that the group has confirmed their plans of building a women-led mosque near Bradford city centre.

Bradford, Tim Green/CCBY
Bradford, Tim Green/CCBY

They plan on funding the project through public donations. They plan to raise £500,000($730,000) through fundraising so they can buy land in the high Muslim populated city of Bradford.

The reasoning behind the building of a Muslim-led mosque is due to Muslim women being marginalised and alienated from regular mosques, the MWC states on their website "Women want to feel spirituality when entering a mosque, not experience being ushered to the basement or a confined area but be allowed to pray in a congregation as many have experienced in countries across the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey."

MWC's announcement included how the new mosque will benefit Muslim women and their community by stating they want  “ A space for the community demonstrating how women can lead and be included in places of worship, impacting positively on their families and communities. We want a space that is fully accessible to all communities”.

Donations can be made on, the current standing of the donations is at £437 from over 4 donators, 0.09% of the £500,000, needed for the completion of the project.

This isn't the only Women-led mosque in the world, as there were built in US, Germany, Canada and more recently in Denmark, February of this year. Below is a small documentary based on a Women-Led Mosque in the US