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100 Years Of Hijab Fashion

MuslimGirl present to you, 100 years of hijab fashion

There has been an insurgence of 'The History Of Fashion' videos mostly made by Watch Cut,Seattle-based Youtubers who make trending Fashion videos. Muslim Girl has come out with their own variation on the 100 years of fashion video by producing their own "100 years of hijab Fashion".

This video primarily focuses on Hijabi fashion around Asia and the Middle East. The video is a great informative visual guide of how fashion trends have adapted and changed in just 100 years.

100 years of Hijab Fashion,
100 years of Hijab Fashion,

The video begins in 1910's Egypt showing a model adorning a niqab wth a white cloth covering the mouth and a black draped around her hair. It moves quickly on to 1920s Kurdistan showing a tightly head wrap black scarf and a printed scarf, a golden necklace is placed to finish the look. The video goes on to show a number of variations and showing stand out pieces which were notable during historcal time periods such as the famous blue burqa of Afghanistan and the black chador of the Iranian Revolution.

Althought the video is very well made I think it wouldve been better to focus on one particular country at a time and displaying how hijab styles have changed in that particular area.