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The 2016 Toronto Halal Food Festival Was A Success!

Over the weekend, the annual Toronto Food Festival was held in Mississauga and was an all-around success

Savoury Treats made by @theholygrill
Savoury Treats made by @theholygrill

The Halal Food Festival in Toronto has been cited as the biggest Food Festival not just in Canada but in the entirety of North America. The Festival was an opportunity to show off the variety of halal food that Toronto has to offer. The Halal Food Fest occurred over the weekend from Saturday, May 21 to Sunday, May 22 it was located at The International Centre in Mississauga. The price of entry for the 2-day long event was $5 for adults aged between 16-64 and free for children and OAPs.

The Halal Food Fest's main feature was the bustling stores nicknamed 'Sample City', where attendees could purchase $10 tickets to try up to 20 samples from the huge variety of outlets, although I believe samples should be free, I do understand that if most people took a free sample from each stall, they may not have room for a paid meal . All the grilled food was cooked outside of the International Centre in a spacious area, which smelled of heavenly grilled meats. When you got tired of eating all the samples or meals there was a main stage area which you could go and listen to guest speakers, watch live performances and cooking shows.

Some pictures below of the food at the event:

Sweet chocolatey treats

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Savoury Indian delights

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Ribs and fries

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Beef and turkey Kebabs on top of a croissant

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Cronut Sandwich Mmmmm

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Ice cream? No, Potato salad actually

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There was a loud bellowing sound coming from an area designated 'the kids zone' where they had free face painting, an obstacle course and  large jumping castles, sadly I was a little too old for this feature. When you got tired of eating, there were aisles of shops selling the latest in modest clothing as well as unique Islamic items which would've been perfect to purchase for loved ones during the forthcoming, Ramadan.

Overall the day out at the Halal Food Festival was great! Although if you went with a large family, the trip would've been quite expensive but the prices weren't too far off normal food festival prices which occur around the city.