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Military College Bans Hijab For Prospective Student

Citadel military college has issued a ban for a prospective Muslim student as the college says the hijab lacks 'uniformity'

Citadel military college, based in Charleston, South Carolina had made a phone call to a prospective Muslim student that she will not be allowed to wear her headscarf if she was to attend the college.

The Citadel
The Citadel, Mark Goebel/CCBY

An unnamed Muslim student requested to wear her headscarf whilst studying at the college after the exception of her admission to attend the college. her request was denied by the school officials. College president retired Lt. Gen John Rosa made a statement regarding the Muslim attire and stated "Uniformity is the cornerstone of this four-year leader development model. The standardization of cadets in apparel, overall appearance, actions and privileges is essential to the learning goals and objectives of the college".

Citadel's Cadets
Citadel's Cadets, citadelmatt/CCBY

The statement included that they acknowledge the importance of religion and spirituality and allow time for prayer as well as cater to its cadet's dietary needs.

The Citadel military college hopes that the applicant is still willing to enroll into the college.

The unnamed student has since reached out to CAIR(Council on American-Islamic Relations) and a spokesman, Ibrahim Coopper, for the group had announced that "She cried this morning after getting the call", he continued defiantly to state that there are "Muslim women wearing hijabs in the American military now", reported by ABC news.

The family is currently considering taking legal action against the school.