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Missing The Point: Subhan Allah On The Red Bus

Are people missing the point of the Islamic Relief's advertisement on Britain's iconic red bus?

The ad on the red bus, Islamic Relief
The ad on the red bus, Islamic Relief

For those not in the know "Subhan Allah" translates "Glory be to God".  These advertisements will be displayed on buses in cities with large Muslim populations; London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leicester and Bradford. 

My first thought when I read the article on the Independent on Islamic Relief's advertisement of "Gather the rewards of Ramadan, Subhan Allah" on Britain's Iconic red buses was that of positivity, thinking to myself "Yeah, that's a great advertisement for Muslims to donate to Islamic relief" but I don't think everybody got the point.

As I was reading through the article and reached down to the comments section and thought "Wait, what?" Did everybody just miss the point? This was an advertisement clearly directed towards Muslims to donate to a good cause but the majority of people decided to comment on the message being in 'Arabic' and that caused the message to be 'divisive', Hello! the message was not for you!

I get a sense of narcissism from the reaction of the article, "A company advertising a product, not for me? Why am I not that important! I demand my voice to be heard!" as many commenters echoed similar feelings.

It's like reader's nowadays have a knee-jerk reaction to write down their bigoted, racist  and anonymous comments on anything Islam-related regardless of the context of the article.

Who is really to blame? Sensationalist news reporting or bigoted readers? You decide.