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Why Are There So Many Muslims In Prison?

We look at the increasing number of UK Muslims who find themselves behind bars

An astonishing 12% of the UK prison Population is Muslim, that is significant considering the UK's Muslim population stands at over 2.5million that 5% of the nation. But this is not a look at the numbers but rather a question of why? Why are there stop many of us landing behind bars?

From the outside looking in, many are in the belief terrorism and extreme ideologies are the main causes behind Muslims being convicted but its far from the case. One of the main reasons deducted by Dame Anne Owers in her report 'Muslims in jail' deduced that the main causing factor is poverty. Muslims men are convicted more often due to them coming from a poorer household and are lower on the socioeconomic ladder. 

Wandsworth Prison, Herry Lawford/CCBY
UK's Largest Prison, Wandsworth Prison, Herry Lawford/CCBY

Muslim growing up in poorer communities find it increasingly difficult to find fulfilling careers. Education in a poorer neighbourhood is lackluster, making it easier for younger Muslims to fall victim to criminal activities.

It has also been found from a report written by Lady Lola Young that Muslim men are more likely to be stopped and searched than their white counterparts, giving them a higher likelihood of serving time behind prison walls for lesser crimes.

How do we counter this problem? The government has to be less complacent on issues surrounding poorer, ethnically diverse people and to aid them in avoiding being disenfranchised from society. It is better to prevent someone from going down a criminal path than to rehabilitate an adult prisoner.