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5 Mocktails You Should Try

Our list of 5 of the most delicious 'Mocktails' you should try

Getting tired of making a choice between a canned drink or water ? If yes, you would love this list of  'Mocktails'.

5 - Blueberry Mojito


The Emerald Lounge, The Revere Hotel

Feeling blue? cheer yourself up with a blueberry Mojito. it is made by mixing 50ml of lime juice with 50ml of sugar syrup mix that with some sparkling water, garnish with mint, throw in some slightly crushed blueberries, add ice and you're done

4 - Lemon Grass Jasmine Iced Tea


Hakkasan, New York

A great tea to drink in the summer. Combine 15ml of Vanilla syrup and 15 ml of lemon juice with 110ml of jasmine tea. Take the previous mixture and pour in 50ml of lychee juice. Pour the whole thing into a long glass with a lot of crushed ice and garnish with a stalk of lemongrass.

3 - Coconut, Cucumber, Lime and Mint Cooler


Cornelia Guest, Corneli Guest Catering 

Cool yourself down with this tasty drink. You'll to thinly slice two cucumbers into 960ml of coconut water, stir in 120ml of lime juice and add in 60ml of honey and let it cool in the fridge for one to two hours. serve garnished with chopped mint.

2 - Sparkling Sangria


Michael Kraus

Enjoy a siesta whilst drinking this divinely simple Sangria. Slice up some oranges, apples and strawberries to a jug. Pour in some sparkling red grape juice and top it off with two handfuls of frozen grapes, garnish with a thinly sliced orange.

1 - Mango Mule


Daniel Walker, Against All Grain

Try this mango mocktail to die for. Thinly slice cucumber, enough to cover the bottom of your glass and marinade it with 120ml of honey. In a shaker mix together 360ml each of mango puree, ginger beer, lime juice and add ice. Pour the mixture over the cucumbers in the glass and enjoy.