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Women Kicked Out Of Restaurant For Being Muslim

7 Californian women sue Laguna Beach's Urth Caffe after being kicked out for being Muslim

Seven Muslim women are suing Laguna Beach, California, based restaurant Urth Caffe after claims that they were kicked out because they were Muslim. 

Urth Caffe, Laguna Beach, Ashley C/YELP
Urth Caffe, Laguna Beach, Ashley C/YELP

The incident occurred on the 22nd of April when the Muslim women were escorted out of the restaurant after the Urth Caffe claimed they violated the cafe's 45-minute seating policy. The seven women were escorted out of the cafe by a security guard after being threatened that the restaurant would call the police if they did not oblige.

The Muslim Women, KCBS-TV
The Muslim Women, KCBS-TV

The women claim that the cafe was half empty as there were at least 20 empty seats available. They claim that they were singled out because 6 of the 7 women were wearing headscarves.

One of the plaintiffs, Sara Farsakh, 29, told KCBS-TV, "I felt embarrassed, outraged and shocked by the discrimination my friends and I were subjected to."

Urth Caffe has since released a statement on their facebook page claiming that their staff did not racially or religiously discriminate against the Muslim patrons.

Other patrons, a group of white women, who were seated next to the group of Muslim women claimed that they were seated in the restaurant longer and none of the staff asked them to leave.

The trial is set to continue.