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5 Muslim Beard Grooming Tips

Here are the official Muslim Beard grooming tips

So you've decided to grow a beard here are 5 tips to grow the best beard possible

Beard, StockSnap
Beard, StockSnap

Be Patient, Let It Grow

Make sure you grow your beard to a decent length before you start to trim it. Easy mistakes for the beard growing newcomer is to get a little too eager with your new manly look and start trimming it. It could take anywhere between 4 - 10 weeks for one to grow a decent size beard, so be patient.

Make Sure You Trim It!

Dont Be this guy, Skeeze
Dont Be this guy, Skeeze

Just because you have a beard, it doesn't mean you can let it grow wildly. Make sure to regularly trim your beard. There are plenty of beard trimmers on the market if that doesn't suit your needs you could do it the old fashion way and use a pair of scissors.

Keep It Clean

Every person with a sizable beard has had the moment where their wwlking areound with a peice of their last meal hanging fro one of their beard folicles, dont let this be you ! Make sure to have a small mirror handy to see if there any left overs in your beard.

Beard Oil?

What is beard oil? beard oil is used as a moisturiser and conditioner. it is applied to the beard and leaves hair shinier and softer whilst kepping the skin underneath your beard from getting dry, no one wants beard dandruff. The perfect time to apply beard oil is right after yuo have washed you face. most are scented so your face can smell divine.

Don’t Forget the Mustache

Don't be this guy either, Devanath
Don't be this guy either, Devanath

Bruh, Trim it!