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Britain First Invades London's Biggest Halal Slaughterhouse

Far-right Extremist group invades London's biggest slaughterhouse

Britain First are at it again, this time, they're harassing the local halal meat shop. Jayda Fransen, Britain First's Deputy Leader, is the lady ranting in the video.

The lady shouts the regular slurs which we hear in most of these types of videos, Islam is 'Barbaric', she reaches back into her metaphorical notepad to talk about Islam by adding 'disgusting, vile ideology', original.

Jayda Fransen, Britain First/Facebook
Jayda Fransen, Britain First/Facebook

I'm actually beginning to believe that these people actually practice their rant in the mirror before they leave the house. They must have pre-rant meetings where Jayda Fransen stands and presents her rant to other members of the group with each member adding more slurs on to the rant and complimenting her to build her confidence for the 'live performance'.

One surprising note to add, where are the Muslim butchers? Britain First have sort of bad luck as they've run into the only halal butchers without a Muslim butcher insight. Yeah, I know, there are White Muslims as well but where is the typical Asian butcher with a half foot long beard working 'part-time' due to his student visa?

This video most likely is an advertisement for the upcoming election on 5th of May, where Britain First will also have a representative standing in for the elections.