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6 Halal Ideas For A Fun Evening With Family Or Friends

Our guest blogger Sarah Ghanem returns and gives ideas for having fun with family or friends

6 Halal Ideas For a Fun Evening With Family or Friends

There are certain activities that people around the world take part in to have fun for example dancing, drinking or mingling with the opposite sex at parties. The fact that such activities are prohibited in Islam, often gives the impression to non-Muslims that Muslims cannot have any fun or that they are not allowed to enjoy their lives.

However, this is far from the truth as there are a number of Halal or permissible activities that Muslims can enjoy with their family and friends, so keep reading to find out what they are!

#6 – Staying Fit

Islam as a religion has placed great importance on staying fit and healthy so exercise must be an integral part of a Muslim’s life. There are many traditions, which show that the Prophet encouraged physical activities, for example, as reported by Hazrat Umar, the Prophet said, “Teach your children swimming, archery and horse riding.”

While exercising alone can be pretty much boring, doing it with family or friends is not just fun - the workout buddy can keep you motivated and help you achieve your desired goals much faster, so it’s definitely worth trying!

#5 – Halal Party

There’s the misconception that Muslims can’t party, the truth is that you can have the most fun-filled party as long as it’s with people of the same gender or your immediate family and you do not get involved in any prohibited activity.

If you’re throwing a party, make sure that you plan everything well in advance. Getting dressed up for the party is definitely the most fun part; so make sure that you let your guests know in advance what the dress code will be.

Decide on whether you want a casual get together or a formal and elegant party where you and your friends can get all dressed up. There are a number of modest outfit ideas that you can choose from, or even take things up a notch by selecting a colour theme. Muslim fashion is pretty diverse and colourful!

#4 – Playing Games

Games are one of the best fun activity for not just parties but simply to kill time as well. You could play board games like scrabble or carom-board, or even go for more adventurous games like treasure hunt and other strategy games.  

#3 – Enjoy the Outdoors

Who doesn’t enjoy time outdoors, so go for a hike, cycling or travelling to any place that you want to, it’s absolutely halal as long as you remember your limits and modesty. Simply going to the park with your partner or kids for the evening can have a huge impact on your fun levels by making you feel refreshed and energised.

In fact, according to tradition, the Prophet Mohammad used to race with his wife Aisha in the desert, so doing the same with your partner will not just help you have a good time but you’ll also be rewarded for following the Sunnah.

#2 – Be Creative

There are lots of fun and creative activities that Muslim men, women and children can take up for fun. Some examples include painting, sketching, knitting and cooking. When it comes to children, it’s always nice to involve them in simple activities like making greeting cards for Eid or Islamic wall hangings.

#1 – Food

Cooking alone is never as much fun as it is when done with people that you love. You can try baking or grilling with your partner as it’s a simple and great fun activity. If you have absolutely no interest in cooking then you can always go out and explore all the halal food and drinks in town. It’s not just fun to try new food items but also a great way to bond with your favourite people.

So you can see that there’s a lot of scope for fun in Islam but it’s also important that you do not ignore your religious and worldly obligations when having fun.    We hope that this list will help you live a fun-filled but Halal lifestyle.