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Sweden Mosque Suspected To Be Arson

A mosque in Orebro, Sweden was set alight the police are investigating the possibility of arson

Orebro Mosque
Örebro Mosque blaze, abdulrahman0nour/Instagram

On September 26th, Örebro Mosque located in the Swedish city of Örebro was set ablaze in the early hours of Tuesday morning, the house of worship was completed destroyed.

The blaze was suspected to have started at 2:00 am on Tuesday, early investigations conducted by the Swedish police have deduced that the fire was a deliberate attack.

Kjell Haglund, an internal officer at Nerike's fire department told Swedish newspaper, Expressen, "Half the building is completely destroyed and the ravaged parts are still burning,". reports state that the northern part of the mosque is intact but the southern wing is completely gutted

The Vice President of the Cultural Center, Hassan Mountagui, told the press of an incident prior to the fire, that the caretaker saw a masked man enter the mosque. The caretaker stated that the man gathered toilet rolls and piled them up in the prayer room. The caretaker confronted the masked man, he said "When the caretaker asked what the man was doing he became angry. The caretaker then went and called the police, and in the meantime, it[the fire] started burning in the premises"

The police have arrested a 20-year-old man in connection with the fire. Fortunately, no one was harmed or killed in the fire.

Reports reveal that Orebro mosque, which was built in 2007, had received threats in the past.