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Nouman Ali Khan Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Muslim Scholar has been accused of abusing his power and having inappropriate relations with a number of females

Nouman Ali Khan
One of the images Nouman Ali Khan sent to a female, 

Nouman Ali Khan, popular religious scholar and public speaker, has been embroiled in allegedly having inappropriate relations with his employees as well as his followers.

The revelations surfaced when a close friend, who claims to have known Nouman for over 20 years, Omer M. Mozaffar,  released a statement on Friday informing the public that he had been told of the affairs by Nouman, who had earlier revealed partial information of his possible involvement with numerous women attending his lectures and also employees working with him.

Omer wrote that an investigation was conducted were extensive evidence was obtained and examined. Noman was questioned with the presence of one of his family members, he admitted to some of the accusations, though the evidence was worse. 

After the investigation Nouman was told to withhold from preaching for a certain time. Nouman later backtracked on the agreement claiming that Omer and other scholars were attempting to ruin him. Nouman allegedly threatened Omer with legal action through his attorney, Omer claimed, "Nouman has now broken his agreement with us and has been sending threats against each of us through his attorney. Such threats are nothing less than attempts to stop our work of protecting the community; those working with him should be ashamed of themselves. "

Nouman has since disregarded these claiming writing a public post on Facebook denying the allegations of abuse of power and having inappropriate relations with a number of women.

The allegations substantiated when the website, uploaded an article titled NAK exposed which claims to have been written by victims of Nouman Ali Khan, they wrote :

"we are the victims of the womanising and lying of Nouman Ali Khan. we have come together to tell our story. he has many followers but that does not mean he is innocent. we are sharing only some of the evidence of his bad actions. he was in a haram relationship with his employee during his first marriage and his wife was pregnant! he had many bad relationships with women including us during his relationship with his employee. he has threatened us and paid money to hush up.

he lied to everyone. he lied to his wife friends family employees imams. EVERYONE about his actions when he was asked!

we hope you will see all this and see the true colours of this terrible man!"

The website included numerous phone conversations between Nouman and his alleged victims including an employee, a volunteer, a guest at a lecture and a screenshot of an alleged bribe of $5,000 to keep a victim quiet. The text conversation was shared on Facebook by verified user Rabia Chaudry.

The accusations of Nouman allegedly taking advantage of his position and luring impressionable women into having inappropriate relations are increasing but the authenticity of the evidence provided is yet to be verified.