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Woman Rants At Muslim Women Wearing Niqab In Aldi

A woman has an Islamophobic rant at a Muslim couple telling the husband he 'should not allow' his wife to wear a niqab in public

Woman rants at muslim women wearing niqab in Aldi
A Woman harasses a Muslim couple in ALDI over a choice of dress, Federica Lucarelli/Facebook

A blonde haired woman was recorded by her victims as she verbally harassed them over the wife's choice of wearing a niqab, she shouted a tirade of abuse at the couple whilst at the checkout line in ALDI, located in Feltham, London.

The incident begins with the man stating that he believes what the blonde woman is saying need to be put on camera, indicating the woman rant lasted longer than what was recorded. The blonde haired woman begins her rant by stating that the Muslim woman wearing a niqab is 'disgusting', the husband calmly replies that the woman's attitude is disgusting.

The woman in yellow disregards what he says and tells him that "you should not allow his wife to go around like that", implying that he should be in charge of she wears. The Muslim woman defends herself against the woman in yellow, stating “why should he be my boss, he’s not my boss.”

The Muslim man tells the blonde haired woman that she should educate herself, she aggressively claims that he should read the Quran and he is “supposed to be a peaceful person”. the woman continues with her tirade, pointing and yelling "you shouldn’t be around like that, you look like a bloody pillar box.’ 

The argument continues with the woman in yellow affirming her Islamophobic rant by sounding off on the Muslim woman's outfit, ‘that is disgusting and should be banned.’ The Muslim man replies to the woman ‘you should be a comedian' before an ALDI employee stepping in and calming down the incident, threatening the woman in yellow ‘otherwise you are going to get banned’.

The Islamophobic rant was uploaded by Federica Lucarelli, who wrote the message, "My dear friend's friend has been harassed yesterday in Aldi, Feltham. Please share this video and restore the sense of shame into this individual's soul!"

There has been a concern at the lack of immediacy that customers and employees had in dealing with the situation, Hafiz Haneef Daya commented on Facebook, "No one else said anything other than at the end when someone tells her to 'quieten down'. That is very concerning."

ALDI has not released a statement regarding the incident.