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Burned Quran Stuffed With Bacon Handcuffed Outside Mosque

A burned Quran was handcuffed outside mosque in California, this comes days after a Quran was found stuffed with bacon

burned bacon stuffed Quran
Burnt Quran handcuffed, CAIR/Facebook

On Saturday, June 24th, someone handcuffed a burnt copy of the Quran, which was stuffed with bacon to a chain link fence outside of Masjid Annur Islamic Center, located in Sacremento, California.

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, which is located next door to the Mosque,  was contacted Saturday afternoon about desecrated Quran. The Quran was handcuffed in the parking lot of the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, which adjoins to the fence of the Islamic center, in the early hours of Saturday.

The act of intimidation came after another attack on a Californian mosque, this attack happened the day before on Friday night, at the Islamic Center of Davis, during Ramadan “Taraweeh” prayers someone threw a large quantity of pages torn out of a Quran while driving by in a car. The pages were littered around the mosque when police responded.

Executive Director Basim Elkarra, of The Sacramento Valley chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said “We thank all the officers involved in these investigations for their prompt and professional actions in responding to these troubling incidents,” He went on to state, “Decisive action by law enforcement authorities sends a strong message of deterrence to anyone who contemplates turning their bigoted views into acts of intimidation.”