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Bronx Mosque Targeted By Pellet Gun Shooter

Masjid Ebun Abass and it worshippers were the target of a sniper using a pellet gun

Bronx mosque targeted by pellet gun shooter
Masjid Ebun Abass, Google Street View

On Friday, June 9th Masjid Ebun Abass, located on Alexander Avenue, Bronx, New York, was the target of a possible hate crime after being targeted by a sniper using a pellet gun.

On Friday night, the mosque was targeted by a sniper using a pellet gun, the shooter shot at the mosque window while muslims were praying inside. The attack has left the mosque-goers in fear of another shooting, the mosques gift shop next door was also struck in the attack, leaving a cracked window. Another Muslim was later shot in the foot as he left, he did not give his name. The shooter is suspected of living in the building, in the Mott Haven Houses opposite of the mosque, and targeting the Muslims from a distance.

This was the third time the mosque was targetted by the sniper, the other two times was the day before on Thursday, June 8th, where shots were fired but no one was injured and on Tuesday, May 30th, the sniper shot a worshippers outside of the mosque in the neck, one of the pellets also cracked a window.

64-yer-old Habibedu Trawally helps run the mosque and gift shop told NY Daily News, "People are worried, we have no idea if these were (hate crimes) but that's what we're thinking about. They all happened during Ramadan time."

The NYPD is investigating the shooting as a hate crime