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Modest Fashion: Getting Ready For Summer

Sarah Ghanem's fashion tips for the modest fashionista getting ready for the summer

Modest Fashion: Getting Ready For Summer

The weather has started changing for most of us, and the change in weather always brings some change in the wardrobes. Yes, it’s time to get rid of those blazers, cardigans and bomber jackets, and move towards the lighter and breezy outfit options.

While adhering to the fashion ideals of modesty is a lot easier in winters, it can be pretty tricky in Spring and Summer season, you know the struggle for sure. So considering this hot and humid weather transition, here are some tips to help you look good, be modest and feel great in the warmer months!

Lightweight Shirts but Darker Colours

The problem with lightweight shirts can be that when worn in lighter shades, they often tend to be sheer so you end up layering them, which pretty much defeats the purpose of choosing the lighter fabrics. So do go for lighter fabrics like chambray, denim, chiffon or cotton lawn but look for darker shades or large prints. This rule can apply to both your outfits as well as your hijabs and it is sure to make your lives much easier.

Some of the best hijab materials for summers include cotton and viscose rayon because they’re thin enough to keep you comfortable and also thick enough so you don’t need to add extra layers to your hijab or wear an under-cap

Remember the Three Cs – Cute, Cool and Casual

Summers are all about the three Cs, so you should look for simple outfits that can make a difference. For instance, try wearing a graphic tee with a flowy maxi skirt in a solid colour, a very basic combination but one that can help you make a style statement. You can match the colour of your hijab with the skirt or go for a contrasting colour.

Such outfits are light and breezy, allowing you to truly enjoy the weather. Another great thing about having a solid coloured skirt is that you can wear it with a huge range of outfits for a new look every day. This also reduces the need to invest in new outfits, allowing you to be a modest eco-hijabi.

Modest Fashion: Getting Ready For Summer

Looser Fittings for a Chic Look

We’re lucky to be living in an age where modest fashion is no longer limited to just a few options. With the rise of the modest fashion movement, major fashion houses and bands have joined the bandwagon. As a result, we have access to some of the most beautiful modest outfits in loose fittings, longer lengths and decent cuts.

By choosing the looser fittings, you’ll be able to stay sweat-free and feel comfortable, all this while looking amazing of course. Outfit options here include tunics, oversized dresses or dress-shirts, flared or palazzo pants, jumpsuits, silk tops and of course, her majesty – the maxi dresses! If you wish to add some definition to these looser outfits then you can always wear a belt or use colour-blocking. You can also use accessories such as hair-pins, shoes and jewelry to add more colours and textures to your summery outfits.

When shopping for new outfits, always remember to check the sleeves, lengths and necklines so you don’t have to resort to layering to make them look modest. Lastly, keep yourself well moisturized and wear a good quality sun-screen whenever you head out the door. We hope these tips will help you have a great summer and enjoy the beautiful sunny days while they last.