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Cair Recieves Page Of The Quran Smeared In Feces

Muslim advocacy group CAIR received a hate letter including a page of the Quran smeared with possible feces

hatemail Cair feces quran page
Hate letter and page of Quran smeared with brown substance, CAIR/Facebook

On Monday, April 16th, Muslim advocacy group, The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), received a hate letter mailed to their headquarters in Washington DC.

The letter was addressed to Ibrahim Hooper the National Communications Director and spokesperson of CAIR. The letter included two pictures of the former President of the United States, Barack Obama, one picture shows Obama's face edited over a monkey sitting with its parents and the other picture shows the former president's face photoshopped over a monkey's with a title reading  "Primate in Chief". The letter included a note which read:

"We are very pleased to inform the media that we have located Obama's parents who are alive and well residing in the African Congo/ This discovery was substantiated by Mr. Lawerence Godfrey of the British Geographical Society dated March 20, 2014."

The letter came with an attachment of an English translated page of the Quran desecrated with a smeared brown substance, suspected to be feces.

The letter came with a fake return address but suspected to have been sent from Michigan. the letter has been handed over to law enforcement who will investigate further.

CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad stated in a press release, "This is just a sample of the hate targeting American Muslims and other minority groups in the wake of the presidential election, these bigoted acts will never stop us from defending the civil rights and religious freedom of all Americans.”