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Muslim Woman Beaten And Stabbed For Her Hijab

A Muslim woman in Milwaukee was dragged on the sidewalk, beaten and stabbed, so the suspect could remove her hijab

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On Monday, April 10th, a Milwaukee Muslim woman in her 50s, was walking back home after an early morning prayer, on her way back home she was stabbed and beaten by an attacker who wanted to remove her hijab.

Approximately 6 am, a Muslim woman was walking back home from Islamic Society of Milwaukee, she was walking along South 13th Street when a car pulled up alongside her.  She reported to Fox 6 as the car pulled up, "I said to myself, 'I am going to die today for sure.'  the attacker got out of the car and told the Muslim woman to "come here". The man fought the woman to remove her hijab, "He said to take my hijab, my scarf. I tried to fight him. 'Don't take my hijab,' you know? So he threw me on the floor then he beat me like an animal," said the victim.

The assaulter managed to rip off her hijab, he threw her on the ground and stomped on her head as she was struggling on the sidewalk, he repeatedly hurled abuse at her before pulling out a knife and cutting through her jacket and stabbing the woman in her arm.

The Muslim woman who has been described as frail and to be in her 50s managed to walk back home after the ordeal, when she arrived home she suffered from a seizure. She was taken to a local hospital, where she was released a day later.

CAIR and members of the Islamic community in Milwaukee are pressuring police officers to deem the assault as a hate crime, Munjed Ahmad with the Islamic Society of Milwaukee told FOX 6, "Nothing was stolen. There was no robbery. Her valuables remain with her. The only motive we can think of -- because everything stayed with her and this individual went straight for her scarf is a hate crime,"

CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper stated, “We are concerned about the almost daily hate incidents targeting American Muslims and members of other minority and faith communities, and about the lack of a response from national political leaders, our leaders, and particularly those in policy-making positions, need to speak out against the exploitation of increasing divisions in American society that inevitably results in such incidents.”

The Milwaukee police are investigating the incident, they currently have no suspect in custody at this present time.