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Serial Mosque Thief On The Loose

Police are suspecting a string of mosque robberies to be related

Footage of the suspect at the Gadsden Islamic Society, Gadsden Police Department

Three mosque burglaries which occurred between the dates of March 10th -14th are believed to be burglarized by the same individual.The police believe there is a connection between a string of robberies at three different mosques, all three mosques are located in the state of Alabama.

The first two robberies occurred on Friday the 10th of March at the Gadsden Islamic Society and the Islamic Center of Anniston, The burglar entered the Gadsen mosque, the suspect tampered with and stole money from the donation box, similarly to the Anniston mosque, which had its donation money stolen as well. Both burglaries were discovered later that day, the suspect was caught on surveillance footage at the Gadsen mosque.

The third burglary occurred on Tuesday, March 14th, the front door of the mosque had been kicked in, the suspect stole two safes which are suspected to have contained thousands of dollars as well as a handwritten Quran which was gifted to the mosque on its opening.

The police have stated that they are investigating the break-ins as burglaries and not hate crimes.

Multiple police department are working in conjunction with one another to aid i n the apprehension in the suspected serial mosque thief.