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Hateful Group Protest Muslim In Toronto

Anti-Muslim group Canadians Against Islamization protests outside of the Toronto Mosque

Canadians Against Islamization, @SafiahC/Twitter

On Friday, February 16th, multiple anti-Muslim groups Canadians Aginst Islamization(CAI), Never Again Canada, and Suffragettes Against Shariah protested outside of Toronto Mosque, Toronto, Canada, and blocked Muslim from entering and leaving for Jummah Prayer.

The protest which was made up of about a dozen people, the group made a clear attempt to intimidate Muslims during their Friday prayer.

Toronto Police is currently investigating the protest and determining whether the protest can be considered a hate crime due to the intimidating behavior of the protestor and the derogatory signs wielded. Constable Allyson Douglas-Cook said There's a "fine line" between the free expression of thoughts and views, and breaching the law or violating a particular group.

Muslim Association of Canada released a statement regarding the Masjid Toronto protest, “No Canadian should feel intimidated when walking into their synagogue, church, temple or mosque. We are thankful to our fellow Canadians who joined with us today against this attack on religious freedom and Canadian values. The safety and security of our worshippers is paramount. We thank Toronto Police Services for their on-going support and their swift attention. We also thank our fellow Torontonians and Canadians who have expressed their support.”

After the protest many people left notes of support fro the Muslim community in Toronto.