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Mosque Vandalized Wih Message, Allah Is A Fraud

A vandal driving a car covered in Pro-Trump and anti-Hillary graffiti desecrated an Ohio mosque with a hate message

Ohio Columbus Allah is a fraud
Vandal vandalizes Ohio Mosque, CAIR/Facebook

On Saturday 11th February, The Ahlul Bayt Society-Islamic Center in Columbus, Ohio, was vandalized with multiple hate messages, one of them reading "Allah is a Fraud, Dum Dums".

The vandal, described as a white male, arrived in the morning at the mosque driving a black vehicle covered in religious statements, pro-Trump slogans, and anti-Hillary messages.

The surveillance cameras captured the man desecrating the mosque with a hate message before leaving the scene. 

The Columbus, Ohio, chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Columbus) called on the FBI and state law enforcement authorities to investigate the vandalism as a hate crime.

CAIR-Ohio Legal Director Romin Iqbal, released a statement, “We urge the FBI to add its resources to the investigation of this hate incident and call on local, state and national leaders to repudiate the growing anti-Muslim bigotry in our society that results in such crimes,”.