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Muslim Officer Beaten And Bullied By The Nypd

A Muslim Police officer has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the NYPD claiming she was beaten and bullied by other officers

NYPD Muslim Discrimination
Danielle Alamrani files a lawsuit against the NYPD

Danielle Alamrani, 38, has filed a lawsuit against the New York Police Department claiming that other officers bullied and beaten her whilst she was working for the police force.

Danielle started her employment for the NYPD in 2006, she was based at the 94th precinct in Brooklyn, New Yor from 2007 to 2015. She found Islam and converted to the faith in 2007 and  She began wearing a head covering at work in 2008 and that's when the harassment started.

When she began wearing her hijab other employees refused to work with her, senior officers told her it would be better not to where the head covering as the 'bosses' did not approve.

Danielle refused to remove her hijab, subsequently, she was stopped from taking part in patrol duties and instead given work less coveted such as desk duty, security posts and guarding prisoners. Not going on Patrol losses officers further opportunities such as overtime.

Danielle would be subject to name calling and numerous derogatory phrases on a daily basis like 'terrorist' and 'Taliban'. She was also told not to be a police officer and that she was a disgrace to the NYPD.

Around 2010, on one of the few occasions that Danielle was sent on patrol, Sergeant Magliulo joked that she should not 'detonate on patrol' in front of the entire shift all of whom openly laughed at Alamrani.

In 2012 she was "physically attacked" by two officers, Leanna Brown and Josephine Barone-Baur they grabbed her hijab and attempted to pull it off, They repeated slurs st the officer including "Muslim b****" and threatened her "I will punch you in the face. Danielle complained of the attack bt nothing was done by her higher ups.

In 2014 Danielle's neighbor complained of a noise complaint of her children, Police officer Tatiana Ryan arrived and proceeded to arrest Danielle and her husband even after she told her of being an officer.  Her children were detained for 8 hours whilst Danielle wand her husband were harassed.

According to the lawsuit, the bullying eventually became unbearable and Danielle took a leave of absence in 2015, she returned later and faced even greater discrimination.

Danielle Alamrani said she is seeking damages in an amount to be determined at trial