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Homeless Man Charged For The Arson Of Bellevue Mosque

Isaac Wayne Wilson has admitted his involvement in the fire destroying Washington's Bellevue mosque

Bellevue mosque Eastside Islamic Centre fire
Bellevue mosque on fire, Bellevue Fire Department

A  37-year-old  homeless man, Isaac Wayne Wilson, reportedly admitted to the police of burning down the Eastside Islamic center, known as Bellevue mosque, located on Main Street, Bellevue, Washington.

The fire started in the early hours of Saturday Morning, 14th January, at around 2:30 am. A local resident spotted the flames at the mosque at approximately 2:44 am and contacted the fire department. The fire was ignited at the back of the building and flames reached heights of 40feet.

The Bellevue Fire Department tackled the blaze but unfortunately, the building suffered heavy structural damage and is currently unusable.

Isaac was spotted laying on the floor in a nearby parking lot a police officer approached and Isaac was heard saying "I did it". police documents revealed. The Bellevue police arrested Isaac and stated that he has a strong odor of gasoline. There currently no motive for the fire.

Isaac Wayne Wilson was charged with second-degree arson, due to the significance of the damage to the building his bail was set at $1 million.

The mosque has started a campaign on LaunchGood to receive donations to rebuild the mosque. They have currently received over $250,000 for their $500,000 goal from 3598 supporters in just over 3 days.