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Has Lindsay Lohan Converted To Islam?

After deleting all of her photos on Instagram speculation has started whether Lindsay Lohan has become a Muslim

Over the weekend, the 30-year-old celebrity/actor, Lindsay Lohan, deleted all of her photos and videos from her Instagram page and left a message of 'Alaikum Salam' in her bio, this has started speculation whether she has converted to Islam. The Arabic greeting of 'Alaikum Salaam' translates to 'and unto you peace'.

The speculation over her change of faith has been given support by her recent vacation to the middle eastern city of Dubai. She has Previously been spotted traveling to Madina and in 2015 she was pictured in Brooklyn holding a copy of the Holy Quran whilst doing community service.

The Lindsay Lohan's manager Scott Carlsen was heard saying, “Lindsay [is] in a period of renewal, and is very excited for what the new year holds. We are extremely happy here at team Lohan, thrilled to see everyones reactions over the next year as we have some big projects lined up.”

Muslim's on social Media have received the rumors with open arms.

Although the reveal of conversion is currently still at the rumor stage, we here at Mzlim welcome her to the faith.