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Target Catalogue Featuring Hijab Sparks Controversy

Target Australia recent back to school catalog has featured a hijabi which has caused outrage and support from social media

Back To School Target Australia Hijab
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Target Australia has recently unveiled their new 'Back To School' catalog featuring a diverse cast of models, including a hijab-wearing woman, children of varying races, genders, and disabilities.

The inclusion of the hijab-wearing women has caused varying degrees of praise and negativity on social media. Target's Facebook and twitter account has been flooded with messages condemning them of their diversity, complaining of them pandering to leftist and others have applauded them for taking a step forward.

The hate began when users noticed the model wearing a head scarf, warning of the consequences of doing so.

Social media users voted with their feet and wallets, to show support to Target, shooting down naysayers.

Some twitter users who believed they are involved in a religious war with Muslims questioned whether Target is siding with the enemy, sigh.

Ultimately the praises outwayed the hate. Target left a message on most comment praising their decision, reading, "We love that we get the opportunity to represent such diversity in our catalogues and represent all of our customers no matter their age, sex, religion, race or ability!"

You Can View The Complete Catalog Here.