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Anti Islam Pastor Home Vandalised With Anti Muslim Grafitti

A local pastor who is against a mosque development in New Jersey has his home vandalized with anti-Muslim graffiti

Pastors home vandalised, @JerseyCity_News/Twitter

A pastor local to Bayonne, New Jersey, home was vandalized earlier this week, His home was spray-painted with the words  “F**k Islam”

Pastor Joseph Basile who is currently campaigning against a mosque development in the Bayonne area, has posters in his windows reading "Save Bayonne" and "Stop the Mosque". The anti-Muslim graffiti was spray painted in white directly below the anti-mosque placards.

The pastor has begun campaigning against a mosque development in the city, where the local Muslim community hopes to convert a warehouse into a place of worship, classroom and a soup kitchen for the needy.

Joseph has stated he has no problem with the mosque being built he only has a problem with the location it being built at, the pastor added, "But I think the word on the street for a number of people is otherwise. It's unfortunate because the poor soul who did it didn't really do himself a favor."

James Sues the Executive Director of the New Jersey chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, released a statement, “This act of vandalism was clearly directed at the local Muslim community, which has faced fierce opposition to its efforts to build a community center in the area. All Americans must be able to practice their faith and worship as they choose without fear of harassment or intimidation. We urge state and federal law enforcement authorities to investigate this incident as a possible hate crime.”