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Hajj And Umrah Packages

Al Hijaz Tours promise you well managed and comfortable journey

Hajj and Umrah Tours

Al Hijaz Tours provides Hajj and Umrah services to the people currently located in UK. Regardless of the city we try to keep our packages at the possible lowest rates. Al Hijaz Tours has been entertaining their customers from past 10 years. We have remarked our name in top ranking just by the excellence of our services. Our customers have become our reference to new clients.

What you can expect from us?

Al Hijaz Tours has experienced and well mannered staff that will with be with you like a helping hand. Our travel agents can recommend you the desired package according to your funds. All Hajj and Umrah packages are well organized from best airlines to the closest and clean accommodation.  We always prefer 5 star hotels.  

One of our travel guides will always be at your service, would be guiding you about our Hajj and Umrah packages and will help you in choosing one. Package normally includes cheap ticket flights, air conditioned and comfortable transportation, accommodation in top 5 star hotels. Proper guidance would be provided about every place you want to or you have to visit. Places like Masjid-e-Jin, Birth place of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.) and many more, they have their own value and special history. Our member will guide you about the importance and history of every place. It is up to you if you want to choose your airline or hotel by yourself, other arrangements will be handled by us.

You can go through all Hajj and Umrah packages and will find much more convenient for your journey. We ensure your comfort, quality desired by you and the journey you want. It’s your journey and you are free to choose everything about it. Each and everything will be at its place and on time there will be no delays and no hurdles in your all journey.

What we expect from you?

You just have to choose your package before someone else could take it. You are advised to provide all required documents as soon as possible and cooperate with our team. Be kind with the staff, because they are working hard just to make sure your convenience and happiness. If you are satisfied with your journey and stay there please recommend our services further to your friends and family. We would love to have your suggestions and feedback anytime.

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