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Casual Man Calls Group Of Muslims Bunch Of Terrorists

A man allegedly calls a group of Muslims a bunch of Muslims and casually denies it when he is recorded on cam

Casual Islamophobe Sugar Land Terrorists
Casual Islamophobe, Shifa Abuzaid

On Saturday 31st December, 21-year-old Shifa Abuzaid, was with her her cousins in in Sur La Table, Sugar Land Town Square, Sugar Land, Texas when a man called her and her cousins a bunch of terrorists.

Shifa a student at the University of Houston was with her 13 cousins, aged between 10-21 years of age, the group as exiting the town square, when they walked past a middle-aged couple who allegedly called the group a "bunch of terrorists". 

The group began to question the man as to why he would call them terrorists, he laughed it off. Shifa repeated the question, the man pushed Shifa's brother and mocked her sister, as she states, "When I calmly asked again why he thought I was a terrorist he moved right into our faces and pushed my little brother, who is just FIFTEEN. He mocked my sister by saying "oh look at you, you're shaking, how funny". 

HE proceeded to laugh at the scared children and mocking the group.

The manager at Sur La table, a kitchenware retail store, stepped in a removed the middle-aged man from the store calming the situation down, the man allegedly made threats against the group requesting them to "take things outside".

Shifa contacted Sugar Land Police, who stated they could not file a report or take his picture from us because nobody was physically harmed.

Shifa's post was shared almost 3,000 times, and was watched over 350,000 times.