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Mosque Receives Voicemail Threatening To Drop A Bomb

A Mosque in Tustin, California, receives a message threatening to leave a bomb on the premises

Darah Falah Islamic Centre, Google Street View

On Friday, 9th December, Darah Falah Islamic Centre in Tustin, California, received a message from a caller who was using a Middle Eastern accent threatening to drop a bomb at the mosque.

The male caller who used a Middle Eastern accent blocked their caller id and left a voice mail on the mosques answering machine,  "I was wondering where I was supposed to drop the bomb. Because I'm a good f****** and I do not know where to drop the bomb. OK, thank you. Have a lovely day worshipping your pedophilic God."

This threat comes after a Muslim man was stabbed outside of Simi Valley mosque after an argument.

Mazhar Zubairi, director of Darul Falah told ABC7, "People make prank calls and maybe in the past we've had some of those, and that's not very significant but in the current environment and with what happened in Simi Valley we got really concerned,".

Hussam Ayloush, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Los Angeles (CAIR-LA) made a statement regarding the threatening phone call, “When someone threatens to (drop a bomb) where you congregate and worship, it’s not quite the same as someone hurling racial epithets or making bigoted statements, It’s an actual threat.”

Mosque leaders reported the incident on Sunday to Tustin Police Department, the police confirmed they received the report and are investigating the incident.