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Man Who Stabbed Muslim Outside A Mosque Charged With Hate Crime

Man who stabbed a Muslim Man outside of a California Mosque is located

John Henry Matteson, Ventura County Sheriff's Department

Last Weekend, On Saturday 10th December a 36-year-old Muslim man, father of two, was stabbed outside of a mosque in Simi Valley, California. The suspect has been identified as 29-year-old John Henry Matteson.

John Matteson allegedly approached the Muslim man at a shopping center near the Masjid Al-Rasool. John argued with the Muslim man after 11pm John stabbed the Muslim man before fleeing the scene.

The Muslim man was taken to a hospital, he suffered a perforated bowel, his injuries were not life-threatening and  remains in stable condition.

Simi Valley Police Sergeant Travis Coffey stated that the attacker did not plan the stabbing, “Our belief is they hadn’t staked out the mosque at this point,” he went on to state, “It appears to be an opportunity crime.”

CAIR-LA Executive Director Hussam Ayloush commended the police for apprehending the attacker, "We commend the Simi Valley Police Department and the other law enforcement agencies involved in apprehending the suspect,".

Ayloush encouraged further police actions towards increasing number of hate crimes towards Muslims, "With the recent spike in hate crimes across the nation, prompt and professional law enforcements' actions in response to these incidents sends the message that violence targeting the Muslim community will not be tolerated.”