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Barakah Hills, Peppa Pig For Muslim Children

A Muslim group is trying to raise money to make a halal version of Peppa pig, which features Muslim school children instead of a pig

Peppa Pig

One 4 kids, a Sydney,Australia-based production company, has started a funding campaign asking Australian Muslims to help them raise $20,000 to start an Islamic alternative to popular children's TV show Peppa Pig.

The Muslim-friendly tv show which One 4 kids wants to produce is called Barakah Hills. Barakah Hills is also the fictional name of the small town where the main cast, the Abdullah family, live, the main character is a little boy named Zaky. The show will focus on the everyday trials and tribulations of the Abdullah family similar to Peppa and her family. Differently to Peppa is that the town of Baraka hills has a predominantly Muslim population. The show will be centralized around the town mosque, which will be lead by Imam Nouradeen, who is looked upon as  the community leader and role model.

One 4 kids stated that they previously funded their projects through the sale of DVDs but insisted that it was not enough so they are looking for a crowdfunding method. They believe that the higher averaging number of birth rates by Muslim couples will give them a better chance of being funded.

The first series of the show has been prepped for production, One 4 Kids writes,"We have 14 scripts written and ready to be storyboarded and animated." Each episode will require $10,000 to animate and complete.

The series makers have gained support from the head of the Australian National Imams Council, Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman, who has issued his support or the project in a video(above). Alsulaiman emphasized not to stop you children from watching shows like Peppe Pig but to encourage alternatives, "it's our responsibility not to stop them watching this but to give them another alternative." 

One 4 kids has received over $5,000 of their $20,000 AUD goal from 48 supporters. One of the donators, 

Below is a preview of Barakah Hills