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Amazon Removes Third-party Allah Doormats From Sale

Third party users attempted to sell Allah door and bathroom mats on Amazon, Amazon removes item after 800 one star reviews

Allah Doormat Amazon
Alla Doormat being sold by third party,

Amazon has been forced to remove a number of third party doormats, bathroom mats bearing the name Allah and Islamic calligraphy after receiving hundreds of complaints from users.

Twitter User, Mariam Khan brought attention to the selling of the offensive items by tweeting Amazon. She requested for the immediate removal of the items being sold by a number of sellers including one bearing the name of Allah by a user named Dargon one.

The doormat stirred controversy amongst customers and received over 800 one star reviews from critical reviewers.

TellMama reported one user wrote in a one-star review, "This is an act of great irresponsibility on the part of Amazon to sell such a product. It is highly offensive and hurtful to billions of Muslims around the world. The creator of such a product has no respect for the religion of Islam which deserves recognition and respect as do all other faiths.”

The sale of offensive items on Amazon is prohibited, Items considered offensive by Amazon are "Products that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance or promote organizations with such views".

TellMama aided in the campaign to remove the items from the site. Amazon later confirmed that the items deemed offensive to the Islamic faith were removed from sale on the site but user Dargon One wasn't banned and is still actively selling products.