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Cowboy Holds Sign Outside Mosque

A man holds a sign reading 'you belong' outside of a mosque in Texas

cowboy you belong sign
You Belong, Kolmias/Reddit

A picture of a man holding a sign up outside of a texas mosque has gone viral, and surprisingly, no, the does not consist of a hate-filled sentiment towards the Muslim community

A man wearing traditional cowboy garb was holding a sign outside of the Islamic Centre of Irving in Texas. The sign carried a message of unity, reading “You belong. Stay strong. Be blessed. We are one America."

Reports claim that the man, who has yet to be identified, stood outside of the mosque for roughly three to four hours. Whilst he stood outside he spoke out against yet to be inaugurated, President Donald Trump.

The post was originally posted on Reddit and garnered almost 6500 upvotes and received over 4000 comments. one user named, xX_HanShotFirst_Xx wrote "As a Texan, I would like everyone to know that this is NOT that rare here. Texas is a big place with loud, proud people. And of course there is hate, as in every place on Earth. But there is so much love, acceptance, and kindness here that no one ever sees. This kind of thing makes me so proud to live here. We really do love Y'all!". Another Redditor, SummerMummer, wrote, "Real heroes don't wear capes."

Not all Redditors were friendly as the moderator, _BindersFullOfWomen_, had to close comments on the post, stating, "This thread has been locked due to hateful comments and infighting between commenters."