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Someone Leaves A Heart Warming Letter Outside A Mosque

A Reddit user posts an image of a kind note left by an anonymous person hoping that the next few months are peaceful for them

Reddit Letter
Reddit Letter, Zaidinator/Reddit

Reddit user Zaidinator posted an image of the letter which was left at Masjid Al-Huda based in Fisher, Indiana.

A note left at a mosque by an anonymous person usually carries bad connotations as most will presume its left by someone with ill intentions against ISlam and Muslims. This note was the opposite and had a supporting message, the letter read:

"I am sure things must be scary for you all right now. I hope the coming weeks and months are peaceful, but no matter what, please know that many of us appreciate what you bring to this community and wish you nothing but love. Thank you.

<3 A concerned neighbor."

The letter has received an increasing amount of positivity and has garnered over 4700 upvotes from Reddit users.

Zaidinator wrote in the comments about his community, "The Muslim communities in Indiana at least, can only speak for them because that's where I'm from, are super welcoming to everyone. We always invite non-Muslim males and females to events we hold. Also if anyone ever came to speak with any member of the community, we don't ignore them. Yea maybe in some cases what you said might happen, but you can't make a judgment based on information you don't know."

There were disbelievers who were skeptical of the authenticity of the note, as Reddit user Cyae1 stated, "The long legacy of writing things & fooling for upvotes continues".

Some Reddit users appreciated the idea of the note but did not feel that they would be appreciated if they did the same for their Local Muslim Community, bacon_tastes_good commented, "My thoughts regarding this post: Looked at the pic- hey, great idea. There's a mosque near me maybe I could do this. Pondered a bit- uh, maybe that's condescending or playing on the country's fears. Reading the comments- hell, I still don't know. Action- probably nothing".