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Student Robbed Of Wallet, Hijab Near Campus By Trump Supporter [fake]

A Student was knocked to the ground and had her hijab snatched from her head by two white males, one wearing a trump hat

Hijab Stolen University of Louisiana
Hijab Stolen near University of Louisiana campus, Google Street View

On Wednesday 9th November, the day of the Announcement of the new US President Donald Trump, a  University of Louisiana student was attacked and had her wallet and hijab stolen from her by two white males, one of which was wearing a trump hat.

The hijab-wearing student was walking to her class at 11am on the 100 block of Smith Street, near St. Mary Boulevard and Johnston Street, in the city of Lafayette. 

As she walked towards her classroom she was approached by a dark sedan. Two white males walked out of the vehicle and hit the student knocking her to the ground. They stole her wallet and disrobed her hijab off of her head. The victim told the police that the two men "were saying ugly stuff to her,".

The victim identified the men as two white males wearing sweat pants, one of the attackers wore a white hat or cap that had Trump on it.

The victim declined medical attention.

Cpl. Karl Ratcliff of the Lafayette Police Department stated that no witnesses or surveillance video have been located to assist the police investigation.


The Lafayette Police Department announced, "During the course of the investigation, the female complainant admitted that she fabricated the story about her physical attack as well as the removal of her hijab and wallet by two white males,".

The police are no longer investigating the incident.

Reasons as to why the woman of middle eastern descent made up the story have not been disclosed.