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Airline Mocks Trump's Ban On Muslim Immigration

Royal Jordanian takes a dig at Donald Trump as his Presidency looms closer

Royal Jordanian Airlines Tweet
Royal Jordanian Airlines Tweet, @RoyalJordanian/Twitter

The Royal Jordanian airlines have taken a small jab at the US's future president, Donald Trump, with a tongue-in-cheek marketing campaign mocking his ban on Muslims.

Royal Jordanian airlines tweeted out an image which had prices to a number of flights to major US cities, displaying airfares to Chicago, Detroit, and New York right beneath the phrase:  “Travel to the US while you’re still allowed to!”. 

The ad gained a lot of notoriety very quickly and currently, has over four thousand retweets and almost 2,500 likes on Twitter.

The ad mocks Trumps highly criticized speech during his presidency campaign where he threatened a complete ban on Muslims, as he stated, "a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,".

Now that Trump has won the 2016 election this ad, which was tweeted on Tuesday, might actually hold more weight, as the joke may come to fruition if newly elected Trump stands by his words.