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Man Arrested For Posting Threats To Burn Mosques On Bonfire Night

A facebook user has been arrested after leaving comments threatening to burn mosques down

Bonfire Threat
Central Hanley Mosque, Google Street View/Facebook

A man in his 30's from Stoke has been arrested after he left islamophobic comments Facebook under a fake profile, threatening to burn mosques down on Bonfire night on the 5th November.

The man went under the pseudonym 'Shuff Muhammad' his profile picture included a caricature of an Arab man in a traditional dress with an elongated nose. The man posted a number of hate-filled pictures, videos, and comments, insulting the Islamic faith and it followers.

One of his many anti-Muslim posts included insults to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and threats to burn mosques based in the Stoke-on-Trent area of Staffordshire, a comment of his involved, "5th of November, remember, remember it's national burn a mosque night".

concerns were further raised when a picture was uploaded of a masked man outside City Central Mosque, in Hanley. Photos of a number of other mosques where uploaded including  Normacot Mosque; an Islamic center in Cobridge, and North Road School which has been converted into a community centre with prayer.

A young Muslim mother, of Pakistani heritage, who wished to stay anonymous contacted Crimestoppers and Facebook to report her concerns, “It's the talk of the Muslim community. His posts are deeply offensive but I just thought he was looking for attention."

“I didn't really take it very seriously. But now it seems he is taking it further by making threats to burn down mosques on Bonfire Night.

“I've heard the police are telling people to be extra cautious and to look for anyone acting suspiciously on November 5.

“My sister was panicking about going to pray at the mosque in case something happens. It's really worrying but we just have to hope he's not serious.

“I’m surprised Facebook hasn't shut the profile down.”

Staffordshire Police released a statement regarding the incident, “A man has been arrested this afternoon in connection with inciting racial hatred through social media.

“The man, in his 30s from the Stoke-on-Trent area, remains in police custody.”

Staffordshire police stated that they were increasing security in the local area.