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Muslim Association's Sign Spray Painted Over With Isis Graffiti

University of Minnesota Muslim association's sign has been spray-painted with 'ISIS' graffiti

University of Minnesota Muslim Association's Spray Painted Over with ISIS Graffiti
Muslim Student Association's sign defaced, Carlan Luong/Facebook

On Thursday 3rd November, the university of Minnesota was the scene of another graffiti based  Islamophobic act of vandalism. The U Of M's Muslim Student Association placed a street sign on the Washington Avenue Bridge based inside the campus, the sign was soon after defaced with the white spray painted word, "ISIS".

The image began to circulate social media after Facebook user, Carlan Luong, posted the image on her wall.

Carlan Wrote, "This is just unacceptable..... Demeaning/troll comments will be deleted so do not even post them. These are real issues affecting the daily lives of real people. I didn't take a picture of this as my roommate was the one who did. I hope Kaler actually takes action on this........"

Following the circulation of the image the sign was completely covered in white paint, it was unreported if the sign was painted over by the campus officials to deter attention towards it or vandalized further anti-Muslim supporters.

The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN) Executive Director Jaylani Hussein, spoke on the recent incident and pressured officials to treat the matter as an hate-crime, he said “University administrators and state religious and political leaders must speak out forcefully against the rising anti-Muslim hate in our society that results in such disturbing incidents, we urge campus police and other relevant law enforcement agencies to investigate this incident as a hate crime.”

This recent incident comes after a number of vandalisms occurred across the US including an Islamic Center Vandalized In FloridaTrump's Name Vandalizing A Mosque and Mankato Mosque's Sign being Vandalized In Daylight