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Muslims Use Synagogue For Prayer

Controversy sparks as Turkish travelers use an Israeli airport's synagogue as their prayer area

Five Turkish travelers have sparked anger amongst believers of the Jewish faith after they were recorded praying inside an Israeli airports synagogue and using Jewish prayer shawls as prayer mats.

The five Turkish travelers who landed at Ben Gurion International Airport are of the same family. The group of Muslims were looking for a place to pray and found the empty synagogue.

Ben Gurion International Airport prayer
Ben Gurion International Airport, Yossi Cohen/Facebook

The controversy was sparked after they used Jewish prayer shawls known as Tallits, which are shawls traditionally worn over the clothes by religious Jews during prayers and placed them on the floor and used them as prayer mats.

 NRG reported,  that a witness who told the Turkish family of their mistake of using the shawls and praying in the synagogue said that the family was in concern of their mistake, he said,  "they immediately apologized, folded prayer shawls and explained that they were looking for a place to pray."

Some people have come out in defense of the Muslims using the prayer room, Bezalel Cohen wrote,"so what if they were looking for a place to pray and found an empty synagogue. The use of a prayer shawl for the purpose of prayer is really not suitable but apparently, it's because of a lack of awareness"  

Ben Gurion International Airport currently does not cater to the needs of other faiths and only currently have a synagogue.