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Worlds First Muslim Online Toy Store

Muslim mom opens up the world first Muslim toy shop selling halal products specifically for Muslim children.

Ibrahim Toy Store
Ibrahim Toy Store, Facebook

Mother of two, Nazia Nasreen, 31, has started the  world’s first Muslim online toy store, Ibraheem Toy House.

The toy house is the world's first toy shop well selling products specifically for Muslim children. Parents are able to buy their children,  hijabi dolls, mini prayer mats, Koran card sets and Arabic plasticine shapes .

Nazia Nasreen from Birmingham, England opened her toyshop in 2014. She originally had the idea to opening a toy shop whilst she was on maternity leave and she thought of the idea of buying toys for Muslim children.

Nazia stated, " I struggled to find good quality, Islamic toys and books for my children from one store.  I was exhausted having to shop around in a number of places just to buy Islamic toys and Eid presents for my little ones. I saw a gap in the market and sought to fill it; thus making Ibraheem Toy House the first online Islamic toy store in the UK."

Ibrahim Toy house's values are:

  1. Our mission is to instill the love of faith in young Muslims
  2. We are passionate about educating children about the teachings of Islam and help parents connect children to their faith
  3. We believe children should be proud of their religious belief and religious learning should be FUN and interactive

When Nazia first opened up shop she only had four products and two suppliers, since then she has expanded to selling over 200 different products from 30 international suppliers.