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Trump's Name Vandalises Mosque

Trump's name is spray painted on an Iowa Mosque

Trump spray painted on Mosque
Trump spray painted on Mosque, @David_EHG/Twitter

The Republican candidate, Donald Trump's name again tarnishes Islam, this time, a little more literally.

"TRUMP" has been spray painted in bold red letters, on the side of Masjid Al-Noor Islamic Center in Waterloo, Iowa. the courier reported, that the incident was reported to the Waterloo police on Friday 14th October, after children planting trees around the mosque spotted the graffiti on the north side of the building.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) have urged  state and federal law enforcement authorities to investigate the vandalism. CAIR-Iowa Executive Director Miriam Amer affirmed the reasoning behind the vandalism, “Because of Donald Trump’s mainstreaming of Islamophobia, and the resulting rise in anti-Muslim bigotry in our society, we urge law enforcement authorities to treat this as a possible hate crime,”.

A similar incident recently occurred at a mosque in Bayonne, New Jersey, where pro-Trump Grafitti was spray-painted on a wall

The Waterloo police are investigating the graffiti but currently no suspects have been caught.